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      1. Just copied my yahoo email account (rocketmail.com) to my new Kindle. Can’t login to my rocketmail account.
        Password not working. App says it sent a new password to my rocketmail account. Dude! How can I access the new password sent to my email when I can’t log in to my email?

  1. I need real help getting into my Rocketmail.com account!!! I’ve been trying to get help for literal years and no one will do their job to help my problem!!!

  2. I need real help getting into my Rocketmail.com account!!! I’ve been trying to get help for literal years and no one will do their job to help my

  3. I need to get to an old rocket mail email account but I don’t have the password. I have an old iPad and I cannot remember my Apple ID and Apple wants to send it to my old rocketmail account but I can’t remember that password either. I bought a new iPad and cannot get anything moved over until I solve this issue.

    1. To recover or reset your Rocketmail password, visit https://login.yahoo.com/forgot? then enter your recovery phone number or recovery email and follow the instructions.
      To find your Apple ID: If you have acces to your old Ipad, then look for your Apple ID in your “iTunes & App Stores”. Click on the Settings icon and tap on your name. Scroll down and click on the “iTunes & App Stores” option.
      Alternatively, you can find your Apple ID username through your Mac account, by going to the Apple menu and clicking on “System Preferences”. Then, click on “Apple ID” to view your Apple ID username.

  4. Pls help me to recover my email. I cannot opened on my true mobile phone because I’m overseas and there is no way to open and receive my message

  5. Hello Sir my,
    I am informing you. than i can not access my this account get_mxxxxx @rocketmail.com. please send me new email and password this id.

  6. oyinnuxxxx @rocketmail.com

    Please I need to access this account, I have forg0tten the answer to security questions asked

  7. Halo yahoo saya budiman .. saya mau minta tolong bantu saya pulihkan akun email saya yang ber alamat raggabudimanformxxxx @rocketmail.com
    Akun email tersebut saya buat sekitar tahun 2008 dan dinakun tersebut banyak sekali catetan pribadi yang sangat penting buat saya.
    Jadi saya sangat ber harap yahoo dapat membantu saya untuk mepulihkan akun email saya tersebuat.
    Sekali lagi saya ucap kan terimakasi buat yahoo apabila bisa membantu saya

  8. Since 2021 January 26 my mobile device email-app (K-9) cannot use IMAP for my Rocketmail account, which works just fine over Yahoo webmail, however.
    Error output: (Command: *sensitive*; respnse: #2# [NO, [AUTHENTICATIONFAILED], LOGIN Invalid credentials])
    Strange as those login-credentials have not been modified during the last 12 months – and they still work perfectly at Yahoo webmail!!
    So I wonder what goes wrong since January 26.
    – I’d like to add that the same mobile device app can still IMAP without problems on my other yahoo account, so my issue only concerns Rocketmail.

  9. I need your help to activate my account and recover my password. Please help
    lauxxxxxxx @rocketmail.com
    This is my email.

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